Director |Maxray Lin
Project Manager|Trekkie Su/ Ipeng Lin
Art Design| Cindy Cheng/ Wanyu Chen/ Keke Ke/ Ruby Chen
Programmer|Frankiy Huang/ Robert Cheng/ Alex Lin/

                          Ipeng Lin/ Turkie Chou/William Wu




With the dark environment and the all-over pressure, the mysteriously deep sea is also called the inner space of the earth. In order to explore the deep sea, scientists have turned their desire for knowledge into action for a long time. But now, you can be personally on the deep sea through this exhibition.

At the entrance, there are three large-scale digital interactive installations that simulate the deep submergence. By operating searchlights to brighten the environment, you can discover the vitality hidden in the seemingly calm deep sea. In addition, you can also experience the joy of discovering new species by operating the robotic arm to collect them.

This exhibition also displays all kinds of underwater vehicle from the past till now. Such as the diving bell, the underwater breathing apparatus in 16th century. Alvin, which played an important role in the search for Titanic. And the ROV, the unmanned underwater vehicles that has continued to evolve since the 20th century. While riding out the history of marine technology, with precious documentary films of underwater vehicle from different periods, visitors can feel themselves in the deep sea.



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Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan

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