Taiwan Highway Museum


Director |Maxray Lin

Project Manager|Ding Lin

Art Design|Joann Chen/ Willy Chen/ Simon Lai

Programmer|Frankiy Huang/ Oakley Cheng / Devin Cheng/ sblack Chen




Taiwan Highway Museum is a display space that describes the common course of Taiwan's highway development and economic prosperity.


The museum displays related characters, documents, objects, stories and materials that the Directorate General of Highways has established since its founding 69 years ago to promote highway engineering and supervision business. The information is not only presented on the exhibition wall, but also displayed on an interactive table to increase the interactivity of. museum.


+886 2 2791 2917 #205

Rm. 3, 12F., No. 160, Sec. 6, Minquan E. Rd.,

Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan

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